NZEBC Officers

Frank Olsson

Frank Olsson, President 

  • Swedish Honorary Consul
  • Chair of Auckland Chamber Orchestra
  • Long career in International Finance as well as local government
  • Active in several charitable organizations
  • Passion to bring people together and humanize business
  • Keen reader and tennis player

Mobile: +64 21 989414

Tony Andrew

Tony Andrew, Immediate Past President

  • Executive Board, British New Zealand Business Association
  • Business broker with extensive commercial and marketing experience
  • Sails, cooks and plays guitar

Mobile: +64 21 938560


Marcel Roos, Vice President

  • President of the Netherlands New Zealand Business Association
  • Co-founder of the North Shore Professionals
  • Advisory board of The Auckland Young Professionals
  • Co-founder of New Zealand Internships
  • Co-founder of Student Trips

DDI: 09 9200456

Monique Surges

Monique Surges, Treasurer

  • CEO, German-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce
  • Treasurer, New Zealand Europe Business Council
  • Passionate about bringing New Zealand and European businesses together
  • Have lived in Europe, Caribbean/Central America but happiest in NZ
  • Keen traveller and skier

Mobile: +64 21 599 520

Gregory Shanahan

Gregory Shanahan

  • Honorary Consul General Czech Republic
  • Solicitor practising at Auckland

Mobile: +64 21 943 979 

Peter Kiely

Peter Kiely

  • Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic since 2000
  • Council Member University of Auckland
  • Chairman Pacific Cooperation Foundation

Mobile: +64 9 366 5110

Martin Holland

Martin Holland

  • Professor of the National Centre for Research on Europe at the University of Canterbury
  • Member of the Board in his capacity as Director of the European Union Centres Network of New Zealand

Mobile: +64 21 943 979 

Maureen Benson Rea

Maureen Benson Rea

  • Senior Lecturer, Department of Management and International Business, University of Auckland Business School
  • Founding Co-Director the University of Auckland’s Europe Institute. 
  • Member of the Board representing the Europe Institute.

DDI: +64 9 923 7356

Liz Prada

Elizabeth Maxwell

  • Immediate Past President - Italian Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand Inc.
  • Managing Director of ESP Ventures Limited – specialist in business events, trade fairs, corporate recognition programs

Mobile: +64 21 684 028

Nadine Plet

Nadine Plet

  • Senior Procurement Specialist at Health Alliance
  • French New Zealand Chamber of Commerce President
  • French Foreign Trade Advisor (CCEF)
  • Believe strongly in the European values and the development of French Businesses in the South Pacific
  • Made Knight of the National Orde of Merit in 1998
  • Made Knight of the Legion of Honor in 2008
  • received the Trophy of the French People who live overseas in 2013
  • Play cello, likes reading and spending time with her family

Mobile: +64 21 02 600 880