Despite occupying opposite ends of the earth, New Zealanders and Scandinavians have a quest for quality of life and independence of thought. Our heritage of pathfinding enterprise has evolved from pushing boundaries of thinking and walking a different path to seek better outcomes.

Like every good partnership, we share common values. As small countries on the fringes of major markets, we have had to replace power and importance with specialization, ingenuity and entrepreneurship. Scandinavia, for instance, has carved out a worldwide reputation for global businesses operating at the forefront of design innovation and technology.

As a group of motivated individuals and companies, the New Zealand Scandinavia Business Association is committed to leveraging our strong and distinctive cultural and commercial linkages for the benefit of our members.

We achieve this through shared knowledge - nurturing an information and communication bridge between members, NZ Inc and Scandinavia to cement friendships, closer relations and a dedication to excellence.

Vision Statement for NZSBA

To create value for members by promoting partnerships between individuals and organizations in New Zealand and Scandinavia for the benefit of bilateral trade and good will.

Mission Statement for NZSBA

Our role is to create value for members by promoting partnerships and encouraging networking activities and relationships as effective channels for the flow of knowledge to support bilateral trade, investments, good will and exchange in intellectual capital between individuals and organizations in New Zealand and Scandinavia.

We organize morning, daytime and evening sessions with prominent visitors, local key members from business and politics, participate in exhibitions and trade displays and support cultural and sporting events.

We are building a higher profile for the NZSBA in cooperation with other business and trade councils from within the EU and plan to attract more high profile speakers locally and from visitors from abroad. There is also scope for building relationships with younger people such as visiting students from Scandinavian countries and to support Government-to-Government and University-to-University contacts and to arrange seminars and workshops on topics that will foster relations between New Zealand and Scandinavia.

By leveraging the strength of the members it is the intention to continue to create value for members, attract new members and to be the preferred choice for having fun networking for people in New Zealand with Scandinavian business connections.

NZSBA Structure


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